Product Design

DipCoil Immersion Water Heater

Immersion heating coil is a common household appliance, a simple and must have product especially during cold seasons. But slight carelessness ends up in serious accidents: burns and electric shock. The main cause is the exposed heating coil.

Compact, safe and effective way to heat water on-demand; the 'DipCoil' is an immersion water heater with a variety of smart features. Aside from covering the super-heated coils within by a cage, the DipCoil features a soft touch power button, LED indicator, beep indicator, automatic temperature sustainer and an auto power cut-off in case of a problem.

Being that many people in the third world don't have access to running hot water, the DipCoil is designed to work for heating water for food preparation, bathing or cleaning.

The DipCoil immersion water heater is an improvised safer variant of traditional immersion water heaters.

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