The Ask: How to develop
Sustainable Designs?

Nature is undoubtedly the greatest innovation factory of all times and it has got lot to teach and inspire us. If we analyze most of the living things or organisms, the 'in-situ procurement' of resources needed for their efficient survival is clearly visible. In short, they just develop/construct or simply innovate new technologies they require. Nature is basically a vast eco-library of materials, resources, energy systems, information, technologies, management techniques etc. We humans need to explore this library and derive solutions to our problems and needs in the bio-way.


Life on earth itself is a long running research activity that keeps developing and evolving every moment. If we closely observe organisms (other than humans), it is evident that they are technically more sophisticated systems within itself. An example; fireflies use bio-luminescence and produce a "cold light", with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies. Another example; Chameleon, a species found in wide range of colors with the ability to change colors.

Bioinspired innovation revolves around two approaches - Bioutilization and Biomimicry. Bioutilization refers to the use of organisms or biological materials to fulfill human needs. Biomimicry refers to abstraction and translation (mimic) of biological principles into man-made technology.

The last century witnessed a great expo of productive and fruitful innovations, those proving to be a boom to societies and economies.

#Decoding the Bio

But, many of the present time so called 'innovations' aren't producing healthy returns nor they are social assets. The deficiency of ideas is clear. Organizations/companies/start-ups need to develop game-changing innovations that benefits the society with a high value positive impact as well as generate sound profits for the investors. The innovation can either be 'Disruptive' or 'Alternative'.

Technological innovations have risks involved in it. At this juncture, Bioinspired Innovations can aid with best reference models. It helps to develop products and processes inspired and proven by natural designs. How can it be done? it's simple, focus on those natural organisms that perpetuate in nature by solving specific challenges (either organism-centric or eco-centric). The NxGen businesses can be efficiently benefited with optimized solutions for meeting global customer requirements, cost reductions, boosting revenues and improving environmental responsibility.


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