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About | Tony Thomas

Tony believes design is about evoking emotions that showcase unique signature apart from merely providing solutions to problems. His background in traditional product design, modelling techniques, concept generation has given him a uniquely holistic perspective on crafting user-centered product experiences. The favorite part of his design process is getting in a room, sort out problems and possible solutions, identify the right one, stay relentlessly focused on that problem, solve it elegantly, avoid distraction, and execute it in a way that creates an emotional connection with the user. He has been applying these fundamental design and communication principles for quite sometime.
Tony leads our Design Innoavtion lab. His works are published in many international design journals and magazines. Multisensory and immersive design, front end innovation, brand building, integrated design methods, and sustainability are some of his research areas. He holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from IEI. His experience spans information technology, industrial design and aerospace design.

About | Vijayachandran

Vijay sees an engineer's work as designing practical and elegant solutions to problems, especially those that require pragmatic thinking blended with extensive experience.
He is dedicated to resolving engineering challenges with innovative solutions. He is also a talented project manager who enjoys getting the best out of his team. With nearly three decades of experience in various engineering domains ranging from heavy engineering, railroad systems and industrial equpiments, he posses deep knowledge of the integration of electrical and mechanical systems.
Vijay oversees our growing engineering department and directs engineering-led client work. He holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from IEI and Masters in Thermal Engineering from NIT-S.

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